PC Power Supply Tester

מתוך 40מוצר
The power supply tester is a robust voltage, tester for the PC power supply ATX, BTX and ITX compliant. Power supply can be tested indicates the status of voltage. The PC/SPS is suitable for the any PC user as well as quality control checking
Compact, durable design ATX Power Supply Tester with powerful functions
Test the power supply and avoid damage to computer equipments
Compatible with ATX, BTX, ITX
LED lights indicate the actual status of a power
Easy to use, just plug it to your power supply
Strudy plastic casing
Voltage Source : 20/24pin (ATX connector)
Voltage Tested : +12V/-12V/+5V/-5V/+3.3V/5V Standby (SB)/12V Power good (PG)
Connector : Floppy/Hard Disk/CDRom/SATA/4pin (P4)/8pin (dual CPU)/6pin (PCI express)
Dimension : 90(L)x62(W)x 20(H)mm
  • PC Power Supply Tester
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