USB External Slim Floppy Drive

מתוך 58מוצר
Ultra slim, compact and portable
Get power directly from USB port, no more external power needed
Eject button
LED activity indicator
Ideal for PC, Notebook and mobile users
Plug & Play
Drive Mechanism : Teac/Mitsumi
Interface : USB
USB Bus Supply Current : 500mA or less
Data Capacity : 720KB/1.44Mb (formatted)
Data Transfer Rate : 250Kbits (720KB)/500Kbits (1.44MB)
Number Of Cylinders : 80
Rotation Speed : 300rpm, 360rpm
Recording Method : MFM
Media : High density (2HD) or normal density (2DD) 3.5" floppy disks
Average Latency Time : 100MSEC (1.44MB mode) 83.8 MSEC (720KB) mode
Package Bundle : CD driver & user manual
  • USB External Slim Floppy Drive
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