1.8inch Micro SATA to SATA Converter

מתוך 40מוצר
The Micro SATA SSD adapter has a SATA 22pin male plug and 16pin Micro SATA Female socket. It is used to adapt SATA power and data to a Micro SATA drive. This unit has a control power IC in converter that will convert a 5V power source to 3.3V that is required to operate the Micro SATA 1.8" drives
Connector : 1 x (7+7+2pin) Micro SATA Female, 1 x (7+15pin) SATA Male
Convert micro SATA to SATA connector
Connects 1.8" 16pin Micro SATA HDD to 22pin SATA data & power connection
Built in convert power source or SSD/HDD drive from 5v to 3.3v
Meets current SATA 2.6 revision specifications
No driver/software required
Easy to install
  •  1.8inch Micro SATA to SATA Converter
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