PCI Express SATA III Raid Caddy Controller

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This Internal Raid Caddy brings a high performance SATA 6.0Gbps hardware Raid 0/Raid 1 solution to desktop storage applications utilizing a native 1-Lane PCI Express 2.0 interface. The caddy supports Raid 0 function which can boost throughput of two SATA 6.0Gbps HDD/SSDs
The LED indicator headers on the card are specially designed to that the front panel LED indicator can show Read/Write activities of any HDD connected to the card or to the motherboard
Chipset : Marvell 88SE9128
Interface : PCI Express
2 x SATA III ports
Single-Lane (x1) PCI-Express throughput up 5Gbps
Compliant with PCI-Express Revision 2.0
Compliant with SATA 3.0 Specification
Backward compatible SATA 1.0 & SATA 2.0
Data transfer rates up to 6.0Gbps, 3.0Gbps & 1.5Gbps
Support Raid function Raid 0 & Raid 1
Compatible with SATA III 6Gbps, 3Gbps & 1.5Gbps Hard Drives
Support Gen 1i, Gen 1x, Gen 2i, Gen 2m, Gen 2x & Gen 3i
Support Native Command Queue (NCQ)
Support SATA port multiplier FIS based switching or command based switching
Support ACHI 1.0 & IDE programming interface
Support ATA & ATAPI commands
Support SATA port Hot-Plug
PCI Express-enabled system with an available PCI Express slot
  •  PCI Express SATA III Raid Caddy Controller
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