PCI eSATA+IDE Controller

מתוך 49מוצר
Chipset : VIA VT6421
Interface : PCI
1 x eSATA port, 2 x SATA ports, 1 x Ultra ATA 133 port
Compliant with PCI Local Bus Specification Rev 2.0
Supports 32-bit PCI bus
Package Bundle : SATA cable & CD driver
Parallel ATA Interface:
Compliant with ATA/ATAPI-6, UDMA6 ATA133
Data transfer rate of 133MB/sec
Support PIO Mode 4, 2, 1,
Single channel master mode hard disk controller supporting two enhanced IDE devices
Redefined Bus Master Programming interface for IDE controllers to support up to four bus masters in 
a single function
SATA Interface:
Compliant with SATA Specification Revision 1.0
Data transfer rate up to 1.5GB/s
Support up to 2-SATA HDD
  •  PCI eSATA+IDE Controller
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