USB (M) to RJ45 Ethernet (F) Adaptor

מתוך 58מוצר
USB Micro 5P (M) to RJ45 (F)
Chipset : 9700
Network speed : 10mbps or 100mbps automatically
Integrated fast Ethernet MAC, physical chip and transceiver in one chip
Support 10/100mbps N-way auto negotiation operation
Compliant to USB interface version 1.0/1.1/2.0
Full speed 12mbps USB device
Support all USB standard command
Support Suspend/Resume detection logic
Support 4 endpoints:
1.1 control endpoint with maximum 8-byte packet
2.1 bulk in endpoint with 64-byte packet
3.1 bulk out endpoint with 64-byte packet
4.1 interrupt In endpoint with 64-byte packet
18k bytes sram built-in (2k bytes for TX buffer and 16k bytes for RX buffer
Use 93C46 to store resource configuration, ID parameter...etc
Half/Full duplex 10/100mbps operation
Support Full duplex flow control (iEEE802.3x)
  •  USB (M) to RJ45 Ethernet (F) Adaptor
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